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Education Council

Immanuel Praise Fellowship believes that every child in our congregation can and will attend an institution of higher learning and graduate with 21st-century skills.  The Education Council’s mission is to assist students and families to exercise self-determination and control over their child's educational outcomes. 


Our ministry commitments are: 

  • To empower parents/guardians with information and resources to navigate through the school system and make the best decisions regarding their child's education

  • To monitor individual student academic progress

  • To honor academic excellence and improvement

  • To intervene and offer resources to parents and students who are underachieving and/or failing classes

  • To host community parents forums, college preparation workshops, and other enrichment activities to increase educational success


For more information, please leave a message for Dr. Tonia Bush or Deacon Mark Bishop at (909) 477-3331.


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