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Levitical Training

    The Immanuel Praise Fellowship Levitical Training provides Pastors and Church leaders a mechanism to intentionally equip men with the knowledge and tools to become God-Men, God Leaders, and God Kings.

      The eight to twelve-week session program challenges men spiritually; mentally and physically to capture or recapture their God ordained leadership position in their home, church, and community by understanding and adopting the offices of Priest, Prophet and to master the roles of Protector and Provider (the 4Ps TM).




      Training curriculum include the responsibilities of the (Levites) priests of the Tabernacle, the origin of the Levites, the translation of the Levites to the modern-day servants of the house of God, and format to teach men on how to be men or men of God teaching men to carry the duties of the office of Priest and Prophet and minister in the roles of Protector and Provider; also known as the (4Ps TM).

        Since, the training’s inception, God has expanded the program beyond our church walls to author a movement to restore biblical manhood to reestablish Divine order for the family, His church, and community. It is my prayer that God will use this training process to challenge and transform the men in your church spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. - Changing generations forever.


           If you would like to bring the Training Levitical program to your church or organization or want more information, please email Pastor Kelvin W. Simmons at

Levitical Training Materials

Training Package

(1) Instructor Manual

(5) Workbooks


Candidate Package

(1) Certificate

(1) Candidate Workbook

(1) Armband

(1) Cross

(1) Dog Tag


Instructor Manual

(1) Training Manual​


Candidate Workbook

(1) Workbook


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