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Point of Grace

Counseling Ministry

The Counseling Ministry of Immanuel is an expression of God's love and mercy to adults, children, teens, couples, and families who find that life, this side of heaven, is not easy. Most of us, even as Christians, must admit that even with all the biblical promises, our earthbound journey takes us through many deep valleys. It is during these tough times that we need someone to "walk alongside" of us, to listen, to help us think through decisions, to help us find and understand what God would have us believe and do as we decide to take a particular course of action. The Pastoral Support staff has answered God's call to help "carry each other's burden" (Gal. 6:2) as well as help each one to be able to "carry his own load" (Gal. 6:5).


Point of Grace Services is not a professional counseling service, but a ministry offering a free, appointment-based Biblical counseling ministry to members of Immanuel. Highly trained pastoral and lay counselors, not paid professional therapists, will help you through some of life's difficult times by offering a listening ear and sound Biblical advice. Through the support and soul-care process, we provide a basic networking of spirit-directed counsel, discipleship, and as necessary, referrals as more intensive assistance is required.


For more information, please leave a message for Pastor Myesha Dunn at (909) 622-7842 or

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