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Forming Remarkable Emerging Leaders Set Apart for His Service

The Young Adult Ministries’ aim is to facilitate sustainable transformation in the lives of men and women (with a focus on the 18-29 age group) by utilizing biblical and cultural concepts to equip them to become emerging leaders in their homes, church, and surrounding community. 


Our young adults meet every fourth Friday at 7 p.m. for F.R.E.S.H. Fridays. The evening incorporates a time for spoken word poetry, art, rapping/rhyming, relevant topical study and great conversation.  IPF provides young adults:

  • Uninhibited Worship 

  • Bible Studies 

  • Community Service Projects 

  • Gatherings in the Church and Outside of the Church 

  • Discussions About Current Events  and Issues Affecting Them 

For additional information, please leave a message for Pastor Jaleesa Jones at (909) 477-3331.

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