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Bishop Kelvin Simmons

Founder, 4P Men's Conference, 2018


In reflection of my spiritual training as a young child into my high school years, I do not recall an intentional training format to teach men how to be men or men of God. Yes, there was the Brotherhood, Deacon Board, and the Trustees. These activities focused on teachings of how to be saved and how to take care of the church, then its members. But I never had conversations with my father, my Godfather, or our pastor on how the teachings of the scriptures tutored men in being men of God.  


Burdened with the responsibility to teach men how to become men of God, the 4P conference is one of two mechanisms God has given me to be a catalyst and a movement to restore biblical manhood. The 4P Conference intentionally equips men with the knowledge and tools to completely step into their divine offices of Priest, Prophet, and master their roles of Protector and Provider (the 4Ps TM).

It is my prayer that God will use this conference to take men on a spiritual, mental and emotional journey designed to empower them with the knowledge to start the process of capturing or recapturing their God ordained leadership position in your home, church and community as God-Men, God-Leaders, and God-Kings.

We will see you in the Spring.

Because of Calvary,


Bishop Kelvin Simmons

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